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More than a week ahead

The Universalis web site shows you today, yesterday, and the week ahead. It is free.

Links to all the available dates are on the right. (On small screens, the links may be shown below, on the left-hand side).

This is possible through the kindness of the various copyright owners who have allowed us to reproduce their texts here. The one-week limit is a compromise between giving you free access and giving them some reward for their hard work. Just like anyone else, translators have to eat.

If you want to see texts for more than a week ahead (or for the distant past), then you need to get one of our apps or programs.

We have apps for:

  • iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch).
  • Android (phones and tablets).

We have programs for:

  • Windows.
  • Mac.

The programs let you create e-books for:

  • Amazon Kindle.
  • Other e-book readers (reading the ePub format).

All these formats give you access to unlimited dates. They also give you the Grail psalms for the Liturgy of the Hours, and the option of the NAB texts for Mass if you are in the USA.

The cost

Universalis costs £19.99 for everything, or around £9.99 for just a single iOS or Android app. It is available worldwide, and you will be charged in your own currency.

You can read more about purchases here.

If you have already bought, see our Licensing FAQ.

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