Music and audio

Music and spoken audio are now available in our Android and iOS apps.

This page is about iOS. You can read about Android here.

Live highlighting

Here is a sample of Sung Latin Compline. If you press the Play button, you will see how each line is highlighted as it is sung.

Te lucis ante términum,
rerum creátor, póscimus,
ut sólita cleméntia
sis præsul ad custódiam.
Te corda nostra sómnient…

No Internet connection needed

You don’t need an Internet connection to listen to your music or speech. Of course, you do need one to download the content onto your device in the first place – this happens automatically when you buy the content (if it costs money) or the first time you play it (if it’s free).

What is available

Mass readings

Liturgy of the Hours


How to get it

  1. Go to a relevant page: for the spoken English Hours, this can be any of the Hours; for Sung Latin Compline, it is the Night Prayer page; for the Gospel, it is the Readings at Mass page.
  2. You will see a Play button at the bottom left-hand corner. If you press the Play button then a menu will pop up with two choices:

Listen to free sample – plays you a sample so that you know what your purchase will sound like. For Compline, this is the Salve Regina (or Regina cæli, etc, depending on the season). For the Gospels at Mass, and Lauds and Vespers and the daytime Hours, it is the Hours for Christmas Day.

Find out more – tells you about the audio content and gives you its price. Content that is always the same, such as Sung Latin Compline, is normally a single in-app purchase, while content that changes every day, such as the daytime Hours, is normally a monthly subscription. A monthly subscription renews itself every month and you can terminate it at any time just by turning off the automatic renewal.

If you have more than one iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch), you won’t have to buy twice. Whatever is bought on one device becomes available on all the other devices that share the same iTunes account: this is Apple’s rule. But we have no way of arranging to share the audio between iOS and Android.