The Universalis program contains two main views.

The text view shows the text of the page you want. Read about it here.

The calendar view shows the calendar, listing days, dates and feasts. It is described below.

You can have one or other view on the screen, or both together. A control at the bottom left of the Universalis window lets you choose the view you want; so does the View menu.

You will also want to read about preferences and special commands.

The calendar view

Calendar display


Button pictureThe button at the top left takes you directly to today's date after you have been viewing dates in the future or in the past. The menu command Date > Go to Today does the same thing.

Button picture The left and right buttons move you back and forward by one day. The Date menu has commands that do the same thing. The numbered button between the arrows will take you to the text view.

Button pictureThe control at the top right lets you move from one page to another. The Hour menu lets you do the same thing.