Universalis e-books (ePub)

The ePub format is the industry standard for e-books. It is used by all e-book readers except the Amazon Kindle. You can read about the Kindle format here.

Creating an e-book using your own computer

You can use the Universalis program to create an e-book on your own computer. After a free trial period you need a Universalis registration code (see below). Once you have created the e-book you can plug your e-reader into your computer and copy the e-book onto it.

About registration codes

A registration code gives you unlimited access to our Android, iOS, Mac and Windows apps as well as to e-book creation. It costs £19.99 (about $25.00 or €23.00), but you only need to buy it once.

Here is more information about registration codes. Don’t buy one until you have tried creating and reading e-books and are happy with the result. That is what the one-month free trials are for!

Please note that the e-books you create are for your private use only and must not be given or distributed to other people.