If you have nothing yet

Getting a registration code

A Universalis registration code costs £19.99 (about $25.00 or €23.00), or your currency equivalent. It gives free access to all our apps and programs for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS, and also lets you create e-books on your computer.

Here is the purchase page. That page also has links and instructions for all the uses you can make of a registration code.

Getting an app on its own

If you want an app for Android only, or for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch only, then you can save money by getting just that app.

(If you buy an app and then decide you really want a registration code, you can use your app to buy the registration code at a discount, so you don’t end up losing money).

Free trials

All the Universalis apps and programs let you try them out for a month before you need to pay anything:

Android · iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch · Mac · Windows

Our web site has a feature which can send e-books directly to an Amazon Kindle. This feature also has a free trial period before you need to buy a registration code. Instructions are here.