The Angelus

What is included

The Angelus through most of the year; and in Eastertide the Regina Caeli, which replaces it.

Live highlighting

As with all the audio in Universalis, each line is highlighted as it is spoken. So if you wish, you can read while you are listening.

No Internet connection needed

You don’t need an Internet connection while you are listening. Obviously the very first time you listen, you do need to be connected so that the app can download the necessary audio files. But the app then stores the audio for you, so you won’t ever need a connection again.


This recording is free and built in to all the Universalis apps on iPhone/iPad and Android.

How to listen

  1. In the Universalis app, go the Angelus page.
  2. iPhone/iPad: You will see a Play button at the bottom left-hand corner.
  3. Android: Tap in the middle of the screen, as you normally would when you want to make the toolbar appear. When the toolbar appears at the top of the screen, there will also be an extra toolbar at the bottom, which has a Play button on it.
  4. Press the Play button.

The first time you do this, the app will download the audio files from the Internet and then start playing.

After the first time, no Internet connection is needed. The app will already have the audio files and will start playing at once.