Kindle Latin e-books

This page lets you transmit one of our free Latin e-books directly to your Amazon Kindle (or to your Kindle app) by using Amazon's Personal Documents Service.

How to do it

We need two pieces of information from you.

1. Your @kindle.com address

Every Kindle device and every Kindle reader program has an email address of its own, assigned to it by Amazon. Please enter that address here. You don't need to type the @kindle.com suffix yourself: we'll add it automatically.

(Not sure of your device's @kindle.com address? Here is how to find it.)

2. Your own email address

You send Personal Documents to your @kindle.com address from your own email address. So that we can do this for you, we need to know your own email address.

3. One last check...

You must make sure that your own email address is on Amazon's list of approved senders of Personal Documents: if it isn't, then you will receive nothing. Here is how to check your Approved Senders list.

Now get the e-book