More than a week ahead

The Universalis web site shows you today, yesterday, and the week ahead. It is free.

Here is the page for today.

If you want to see texts for more than a week ahead (or for the distant past), then you need to get one of our apps or programs.

These formats have many advantages over the web site:

  • Unlimited dates: past, present and future.
  • No Internet access needed.
  • Liturgy of the Hours: official (Grail) translations.
  • Mass: prayers as well as readings.
  • USA: the official (NAB) readings at Mass.
  • …and much more.

How much it costs

Universalis costs £19.99 for everything, or around £9.99 for just a single iOS or Android app. It is available worldwide, and you will be charged in your own currency.

You can read more about purchases here.

If you have already bought, see our Licensing FAQ.

Free audio for the blind

Office of Readings for 7th day within the octave of Christmas

Morning Prayer for 7th day within the octave of Christmas

Evening Prayer 1 for Mary, the Holy Mother of God

If you are not blind

If you are not blind, do not use these links. The publishers of the recorded texts have allowed them to be recorded on the understanding that they are to be used only as a service to blind people.

If you are not blind, you can subscribe to the spoken audio in the Universalis apps. It isn’t expensive. One subscription covers all the Hours, including the daytime ones. You don’t need to keep on connecting to the Internet because the audio gets downloaded just once, when you first subscribe. The calendar can be set to your own local one instead of being always Westminster, and there are many other good features. Click one of the links below to find out more.

As well as the Liturgy of the Hours, there is also a separate subscription available for the readings at Mass: First Reading, Second Reading and Gospel.

About this page

A few months ago we received the following letter from a member of the Rosminians:


Having noticed the recent introduction of audio options into your Divine Office I am wondering if the enclosed would be of any interest to you.

Some years ago a member of our community began to lose his sight and was unable to read the Office. As a result I undertook to record the offices of Readings, Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer. I also purchased an application to to render these recordings in 'Daisy' format so that he could use his RNIB machine to listen to them.

Some time later it occurred to me that they might be welcomed by others with impaired sight and would be a useful extension of the hundreds of hours I spent in their recording! Accordingly I wrote in the publishers, Harper Collins, and got permission to distribute a limited number of copies, on a non-commercial basis, to others registered blind. With this in view I published an advert in the Catholic Herald and produced a simple website - see http://www.advent.cd2.com.

It seems to me that, with the advent of Universalis, and its extension into audio you may be in a position to help a wider spread of people, especially those with sight difficulties.

The enclosed memory card has all the mp3 recordings that were used in the production of the seven CD's and I am hoping that you can further extend their usefulness.


Br.Robin IC

We are happy to provide day-by-day access to Brother Robin's recordings through the Universalis web site. As he says, the publishers' permission is "on a non-commercial basis" and therefore we in our turn are making the access free.

Calendar and discrepancies

The recordings are based on the English calendar for the diocese of Westminster. If you are using some other calendar then they may therefore be out of step with what you see in the rest of Universalis. For instance, the Epiphany, the Ascension etc will be celebrated on Sunday and not on their proper days. Moreover, the recordings were made before 2015, so they do not include the feast of St Mary Magdalen, because her celebration was, at the time of recording, only a memorial and not a feast.

Nevertheless, with all these discrepancies we hope that these recordings will be useful, and we present them in that spirit.

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