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How to get it

Click here to download and install the program.

How long it works

When you first install the Universalis program on Windows its coverage is limited to the month when you installed it and the month after. Outside this time it gives you just the calendar, plus the About Today and Order of Mass pages.

This doesn't mean that the program ever stops working. Suppose, for example, that you install it on 13 November 2012. In that case it will cover November and December 2012. If you then forget all about it and look at it again in 2014, it will still be able to show you every date in November and December 2012. So you will always have about 60 days' worth of sample pages to look at.

What to do next

Once you've decided you like what Universalis gives you, you need to get hold of a registration code and enter it into the program to remove the time restriction.