Saturday 20 October 2018
Saturday of week 28 in Ordinary Time 
 or Saturday memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary 
About today  

Select your time zone

Universalis doesn't need to know what time it is where you are, but it does need to know the date, and the date depends on the time zone. For example, at 11pm GMT on Wednesday night, half the world is in Wednesday and the other half is in Thursday.

Most of the time there is nothing you need to do. Universalis can work out the date automatically by using a small piece of Javascript in the web page. But there are a couple of cases when you will need to set the time zone explicitly. For example:

Your current settings say that it is now Sat 9:01 pm.

How to ask Universalis to use a specific time zone

Here is the address of the Universalis home page without a time zone:


and here is the same address set to Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5):


and to Singapore time (GMT+8):


and to Indian time (GMT+5½):