Universalis on Symbian (Nokia)

Symbian is an operating system for mobile phones, and most Nokia phones use one version or another of it. There isn't a version of the Universalis program that can be downloaded and used directly on Symbian, but here are some alternatives.


The Universalis programs on Windows and the Mac can create an e-book containing a week's or even a month's or a year's worth of Universalis content.

Several e-book readers are available for Symbian, and you may even have one already installed. Universalis can create e-books in the industry standard ePub format and also in the Mobipocket format that is used by the Amazon Kindle. Read more about Universalis e-books here.

Automated emails

You can ask the Universalis site to send you automatic daily emails containing the pages you want to read. Read more about the Universalis email service here.