Free services

For people

Catholic Calendar

If you want just the liturgical calendar, with notes on the saints and feasts, every one of the Universalis apps and downloads has a free version that gives you just that.

RSS feeds

If you read blogs with a feed reader, you can get some Universalis content in the same way. Read about it here.

Twitter feed

We’re now providing a Twitter feed of the saint of the day. The feed is called @CatholicFeasts and it posts once a day. Here is some more information.

Facebook page

There is a Facebook page for Universalis. It has one posting a day, just like the Twitter feed.

For webmasters


You are welcome to put links to Universalis in your web site. If you let us know then we will link back to you through our Links page.

You can use a banner instead of a plain text link, like this:


Here is an article about banners.

When you are putting a Universalis link into a web site, you have to give some thought to exactly what the link should contain, to give the best possible experience to your readers. Here is an article about constructing links to Universalis.


You can't copy and paste our pages directly into yours, for copyright reasons.

Here are three ways of getting Universalis content into your web page:

  1. <iframe>: You can create a Universalis 'window' inside your own web page by using "iframes". This doesn't count as copying and pasting because the user is viewing our web page directly. You can read more about iframes here.
  2. JSONP: You can incorporate a few lines of Javascript into your web page which will retrieve specific pieces of Universalis content – for instance, the Gospel at Mass – and place them into the text of your page. This doesn't count as copying and pasting because it is all done by the user's browser. You can read more about the Javascript method here.
  3. RSS: If your web server supports it, you can incorporate one of our RSS feeds into your page layout. This is allowed because the data are coming from our feed and not being stored on your site. This is probably the most complicated approach. You can read more about RSS feeds here.

If you have any other queries please contact us, using the link at the bottom right of this page.