If you have the iOS app

Quick summary

Getting Universalis onto another iOS device

Once you have bought the Universalis app for iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch) you can install it on any other iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch that you possess. These are Apple's rules, not ours. Your new device has to be on the same iTunes account that you used to make the original purchase. Full details are here.

Getting Universalis elsewhere

How to get a registration code at a discount

If you have bought the Universalis app for iOS then you can use it to buy a registration code from our web site at a discount. The discount is intended to make up for the money you have already spent on the app. To get the discount, you need to make your purchase through the Universalis app. Full instructions are here.

If you have lost your iOS device

If you have lost your iOS device then you can install the Universalis app on another iOS device as long as it is also on your iTunes account.

Otherwise, you have to proceed as if you had never bought Universalis at all, either buying a brand new registration code or buying an app. We always recommend registration codes, because then you are dealing directly with us, so we know who you are and we can look up your registration code if you lose it in the future. This page will get you going.