Universalis on the Blackberry

Devices with Android

Some Blackberry devices use the Blackberry operating system, while others use Android. To confuse matters further, some devices, such as the Q10 and Z10, do not use Android but are still able to run Android apps.

If you have one of these devices, here is what to do:

  1. Using your Blackberry web browser, go to http://www.universalis.com/n-android-other.htm.
  2. In that page, click on "Click here to download".
  3. In the Blackberry's Download Manager, click on the Catholic Calendar .apk file.
  4. This may direct you to a setting you have to change to permit the installation of unknown apps. If it does, change the setting as advised, so that the app can be installed.

You will now have Catholic Calendar on your Blackberry device. It will include a month's free trial of the full Universalis content. Try it, use it, and if you want to carry on using it when the month is up, buy a registration code.

Devices without Android

If you can't use Android, there isn't a specific Blackberry version of the Universalis app. Here are some alternatives.


The Universalis programs on Windows and the Mac can create an e-book containing a week's or even a month's or a year's worth of Universalis content.

Several e-book readers are available for the Blackberry, and you may even have one already installed. Universalis can create e-books in the industry standard ePub format and also in the Mobipocket format that is used by the Amazon Kindle. Read more about Universalis e-books here.

(And here's a comment from a Blackberry user who creates e-books on her Mac).

Automated emails

You can ask the Universalis site to send you automatic daily emails containing the pages you want to read. Read more about the Universalis email service here.