Monthly subscriptions

If a purchasing the Universalis app is too expensive for you, you can buy a monthly subscription instead.

The price is $0.99 per month. Depending on which app store you use, and what the exchange rates are like, this comes out at between 75p and 89p per month.

The first step

Get Catholic Calendar. It is free.

In the app stores, “Catholic Calendar from Universalis” is what you are looking for.


Catholic Calendar gives you a month's worth of the full Universalis content, without you having to pay anything. This means that you have plenty of time to decide if you like it.

When the month is over, Catholic Calendar will tell you, and it will offer you the chance to take out a monthly subscription.

You need to be connected to the Internet when you take out a subscription. You don't need an Internet connection afterwards.

  1. Open Catholic Calendar.
  2. View any of the main Liturgy of the Hours or Mass pages – for instance, Morning Prayer.
  3. At the top of the page, you will see an offer of a subscription, with a link in it.
  4. Tap on the link.
  5. An alert will pop up asking you to confirm that you want to pay the monthly subscription. It will tell you how much you are going to pay. If you do want to subscribe, press the button to confirm your subscription.

Cancelling your subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Your service will continue until the next date that payment would have been due, and it will then stop.

You can't cancel directly from within the app. We can't imagine why, but both Google Play and Amazon have this strange rule.

Deleting the app does not cancel the subscription automatically. You have to cancel the subscription yourself. This is another strange rule from both Google Play and Amazon.

How to cancel a subscription

If you bought from the Amazon Appstore

Either: Open the Appstore app on your device, select "Subscriptions" from the menu at the top left, and look for the subscription you want to cancel: either "Full Universalis content" or one of the spoken audio subscriptions. If it's there, press the "Manage" button next to it. To cancel the subscription, turn off the "Auto-Renew" checkbox and press Save. (Confusingly, the "Cancel" button does nothing).

Or: Go to the Amazon web site and sign in to your account. In the Your Account menu, select "Your Apps & Devices" (not "Your Content and Devices", which is confusingly similar). From the Your Apps and Devices page, look for a link to Your Subscriptions on the left-hand side of the page, and look for the subscription you want to cancel: either "Full Universalis content" or one of the spoken audio subscriptions. There will be an "Actions" button next to it. To cancel the subscription, click the button and select the option to turn off auto-renewal.

If you bought from Google Play

You can either cancel through the Play Store app or through the Google Play web site. This Google Play support page has instructions for both methods.

When a subscription becomes unnecessary

If you have got the Catholic Calendar app, and have taken out a monthly subscription to get Liturgy of the Hours and Mass texts, then there are two situations in which you no longer need your subscription, and have to cancel it:

  1. If you have bought the Universalis app, you don't need Catholic Calendar any more. Indeed, you should delete it so as to avoid confusion. In that case, you don't need your subscription either.
  2. If you have entered a Universalis registration code into Catholic Calendar, this removes all time limits, and so you don't need your subscription.

In either case, you have to cancel the subscription yourself. We aren't allowed to cancel it automatically for you.