The calendar

The calendar display in Universalis shows you a complete Catholic calendar with the saints and celebrations for each day. You get to it by tapping on the date shown at the top of any of the main Universalis pages.

To view Universalis pages for a date you can see, tap it.

To go to a date you can't see, scroll to it. If it's too far for scrolling, tap on "Pick Date" at the bottom right and a standard Android date picker will appear.

To go to today, tap on "Today" at the bottom left.

Local calendars

There is a General Calendar, shared by the whole Church, and then there are local calendars which have saints and celebrations of more local interest. For example, Saint Benedict is celebrated with a memorial in the universal Church but with a feast in Europe, while Saint Willibrord, who isn't in the General Calendar at all, is celebrated with an optional memorial in some English dioceses and a solemnity in the Netherlands.

Please make sure that the settings in your Universalis app match your local calendar. Instructions are here.