Sung Latin Compline

The Schola Cantorum of The London Oratory School is one of the leading liturgical choirs in Britain. The boys have recorded this music especially for use in Universalis.

What is included

Compline (Night Prayer) for Sundays, sung in Latin.

It is permitted to use Sunday’s Compline on any night in the week, so you can listen to this every night if you want. From personal experience I can recommend listening to it after turning out the light!

Live highlighting

As with all the audio in Universalis, each line is highlighted as it is sung. Here is a short sample. Press the Play button, listen, and watch.

Te lucis ante términum,
rerum creátor, póscimus,
ut sólita cleméntia
sis præsul ad custódiam.
Te corda nostra sómnient…

No Internet connection needed

You don’t need an Internet connection while you are listening. Obviously the very first time you listen, you do need to be connected so that the app can download the music. But the app then stores the music for you, so you won’t ever need a connection again.

A single in-app purchase

This music costs £3.99 (roughly $4.99 or €4.60). You can listen to a free sample before you buy.

How to listen

  1. In the Universalis app, go the Compline (Night Prayer) page.
  2. Tap in the middle of the screen, as you normally would when you want to make the toolbar appear.
  3. When the toolbar appears at the top of the screen, there will also be an extra toolbar at the bottom, which has a Play button on it.
  4. Press the Play button.

If you have already bought the music, it will start to play at once and the display will show Latin and English in parallel, so that you can follow the Latin as it is sung.

The free sample

If you haven’t yet bought the music, the Play button will make a menu pop up. Press “Listen to free sample” in the menu.

You will hear the final Marian antiphon – Salve regina, Regina caeli and so on, depending on the season.

How to buy

If you haven’t yet bought the music, the Play button will make a menu pop up. Press “Find out more” in the menu.

A screen will appear giving details of the music, and also its price. If you want to buy, press the “Purchase” button and Google Play or the Amazon Appstore will handle your purchase.

Multiple devices

If you have more than one Android device that uses Google Play [or the Amazon Appstore, if that is what you are using] then you won’t have to buy twice. Whatever is bought on one device becomes available on all the other devices that share the same account.