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About the Catholic Truth Society

The Catholic Truth Society is a charity which was founded in London in 1868 and re-established in 1884. Its objects are:

  1. To publish and disseminate low-priced devotional works.
  2. To assist all Catholics to a better knowledge of their religion.
  3. To spread amongst non-Catholics information about the Faith.
  4. To assist in the circulation of Catholic Books.

“CTS booklets explain the faith, teaching and life of the Catholic Church. They are based on Sacred Scripture, the Second Vatican Council documents, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The booklets provide authentic Catholic teaching; they address issues of life and of truth which are relevant to all. They aim to inform and educate readers on the many issues that people have to deal with today.

“As publishers to the Holy See, the CTS also publishes English language editions of all official Church documents (e.g. papal encyclicals) as soon as they are released in Rome.”

The CTS bookshop distributes its books worldwide.

Universalis and the CTS

At the Catholic Truth Society’s suggestion, and as an experiment, we are incorporating daily chapters from Dom Henry Wansbrough’s booklet of meditations for Lent 2019. This will let us see whether the readers of Universalis appreciate this and it will let the CTS see whether this is helpful to their overall mission.

Now that you have got this far, we do encourage you to visit the CTS online bookshop and see the many publications it has to offer.

Go to the CTS bookshop