Models of the Kindle Fire

The Universalis app requires Android 4.0.

All models of the Kindle Fire HD use Android 4.0, and Universalis will work on them.

The new Kindle Fire, released in September 2012, also uses Android 4.0, and Universalis will work on it.

The old Kindle Fire uses Android 2.3, and Universalis will not work on it. (You will have to use e-books instead).

Which Kindle Fire do I have?

Amazon's nomenclature is confusing. Some technical documents refer to the "Kindle Fire" and the "Kindle Fire 2". Some marketing documents refer to "Kindle Fire (1st Generation)" and "Kindle Fire (2nd Generation)", but the distinction isn't always made.

If you bought your Kindle Fire before September 2012, it must be the old one. If you bought it after September 2012, it is probably the new one.

The most reliable way of distinguishing between the models is by checking the system version. If it looks like “6.3.1″ then you have the old Kindle Fire and it will refuse to install Universalis. If it looks like “10.2.1″ then you have a new one and you can install Universalis.

The Amazon Appstore

The Amazon Appstore should only offer you software that you are able to use. So if it offers Universalis to you, you should be all right.