Friday 20 September 2019    (other days)
Saints Andrew Kim Taegon, Priest, and Paul Chong Hasang, and their Companions, Martyrs 
 on Friday of week 24 in Ordinary Time

Office of Readings

If you have already recited the Invitatory Psalm today, you should use the alternative opening.

Dómine, lábia mea apéries.
  Et os meum annuntiábit laudem tuam.
Lord, open our lips.
  And we shall praise your name.
Ps 99:1-5

Redemptos iubet Dominus victoriæ carmen canere” (S. Athanasius).

Regem mártyrum Dóminum, veníte, adorémus.
(repeat antiphon*)
2Iubiláte Dómino, omnis terra,*
  servíte Dómino in lætítia;
introíte in conspéctu eius*
  in exsultatióne.
3Scitóte quóniam Dóminus ipse est Deus;†
  ipse fecit nos, et ipsíus sumus,*
  pópulus eius et oves páscuæ eius.
  (repeat antiphon*)
4Introíte portas eius in confessióne,†
  átria eius in hymnis,*
  confitémini illi, benedícite nómini eius.
5Quóniam suávis est Dóminus;†
  in ætérnum misericórdia eius,*
  et usque in generatiónem et generatiónem véritas eius.
  (repeat antiphon*)
Glória Patri et Fílio*
  et Spirítui Sancto.
Sicut erat in princípio et nunc et semper*
  et in sǽcula sæculórum.
(repeat antiphon*)
Invitatory PsalmPsalm 99 (100)
The Lord is the king of martyrs: come, let us adore him.
(repeat antiphon*)
Rejoice in the Lord, all the earth,
  and serve him with joy.
Exult as you enter his presence.
  (repeat antiphon*)
Know that the Lord is God.
He made us and we are his
 – his people, the sheep of his flock.
  (repeat antiphon*)
Cry out his praises as you enter his gates,
  fill his courtyards with songs.
Proclaim him and bless his name;
  for the Lord is our delight.
His mercy lasts for ever,
  his faithfulness through all the ages.
  (repeat antiphon*)
Glory be to the Father and to the Son
  and to the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning,
  is now, and ever shall be,
  world without end.
(repeat antiphon*)

* If you are reciting this on your own, you can choose to say the antiphon once only at the start of the psalm and not repeat it.

Rex glorióse mártyrum,
coróna confiténtium,
qui respuéntes térrea
perdúcis ad cæléstia,
Aurem benígnam prótinus
appóne nostris vócibus;
tropǽa sacra pángimus,
ignósce quod delíquimus.
Tu vincis in martýribus
parcéndo confessóribus;
tu vince nostra crímina
donándo indulgéntiam.
Præsta, Pater piíssime,
Patríque compar Unice,
cum Spíritu Paráclito
regnans per omne sǽculum. Amen.
The martyrs living now with Christ
In suffering were tried,
Their anguish overcome by love
When on his cross they died.
Across the centuries they come,
In constancy unmoved,
Their loving hearts make no complaint,
In silence they are proved.
No man has ever measured love,
Or weighed it in his hand,
But God who knows the inmost heart
Gives them the promised land.
Praise Father, Son and Spirit blest,
Who guides us through the night
In ways that reach beyond the stars
To everlasting light.
Francis E. Mostyn (1860-1939)

Ps 54:2-9
Contra perfidum amicum

Cœpit Iesus pavere et tædere” (Mc 14, 33).

Deus meus, ne despéxeris deprecatiónem meam a tribulatióne peccatóris.
2Auribus pércipe, Deus, oratiónem meam†
  et ne abscondáris a deprecatióne mea;*
  3inténde mihi et exáudi me.
Excússus sum in meditatióne mea et conturbátus sum*
  4a voce inimíci et a tribulatióne peccatóris.
Quóniam devolvérunt in me iniquitátem*
  et in ira molésti erant mihi.
5Cor meum torquétur intra me,*
  et formído mortis cécidit super me.
6Timor et tremor venérunt super me,*
  et contéxit me pavor.
7Et dixi: «Quis dabit mihi pennas sicut colúmbæ,*
  et volábo et requiéscam?
8Ecce elongábo fúgiens*
  et manébo in solitúdine.
9Exspectábo eum, qui salvum me fáciat*
  a spíritu procéllæ et tempestáte».
Glória Patri et Fílio*
  et Spirítui Sancto.
Sicut erat in princípio et nunc et semper*
  et in sǽcula sæculórum.
Deus meus, ne despéxeris deprecatiónem meam a tribulatióne peccatóris.
Psalm 54 (55)
Against a faithless friend
Do not reject my plea, O God, for wicked men assail me.
Open your ears, O God, to my prayer,
  and do not hide when I call on you:
  turn to me and answer me.
My thoughts are distracted and I am disturbed
  by the voice of my enemy and the oppression of the wicked.
They let loose their wickedness on me,
  they persecute me in their anger.
My heart is tied in a knot
  and the terrors of death lie upon me;
fear and trembling cover me;
  terror holds me tight.
I said, “Will no-one give me wings like a dove?
  I shall fly away and rest.
I shall flee far away
  and remain all alone.
I shall wait for him who will save me
  from the stormy wind and the tempest.”
Glory be to the Father and to the Son
  and to the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning,
  is now, and ever shall be,
  world without end.
Do not reject my plea, O God, for wicked men assail me.

Ps 54:10-15
Liberábit nos Dóminus de manu inimíci et insidiatóris.
10Díssipa, Dómine, dívide linguas eórum,*
  quóniam vidi violéntiam et contentiónem in civitáte.
11Die ac nocte circúmeunt eam super muros eius,
12iníquitas et labor et insídiæ in médio eius;*
  et non defécit de platéis eius frauduléntia et dolus.
13Quóniam si inimícus meus maledixísset mihi,*
  sustinuíssem útique;
et si is, qui óderat me, super me magnificátus fuísset,*
  abscondíssem me fórsitan ab eo.
14Tu vero, homo coæquális meus,*
  familiáris meus et notus meus,
15qui simul habúimus dulce consórtium:*
  in domo Dei ambulávimus in concúrsu.
Glória Patri et Fílio*
  et Spirítui Sancto.
Sicut erat in princípio et nunc et semper*
  et in sǽcula sæculórum.
Liberábit nos Dóminus de manu inimíci et insidiatóris.
Psalm 54 (55)
The Lord will free us from the hand of our enemies and from those who wish us harm.
Scatter them, Lord, and separate their tongues,
  for I see violence and conflict in the city.
By day and by night they circle it
  high on its battlements.
Within it are oppression and trouble;
  scheming and fraud fill its squares.
For if my enemy had slandered me,
  I think I could have borne it.
And if the one who hated me had trampled me,
  perhaps I could have hidden.
But you – a man just like me,
  my companion and my friend!
We had happy times together,
  we walked together in the house of God.
Glory be to the Father and to the Son
  and to the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning,
  is now, and ever shall be,
  world without end.
The Lord will free us from the hand of our enemies and from those who wish us harm.

Ps 54:17-24
Iacta super Dóminum curam tuam et ipse te enútriet.
17Ego autem ad Deum clamábo,*
  et Dóminus salvábit me.
18Véspere et mane et merídie meditábor et ingemíscam,*
  et exáudiet vocem meam.
19Rédimet in pace ánimam meam ab his, qui impúgnant me,*
  quóniam in multis sunt advérsum me.
20Exáudiet Deus et humiliábit illos,*
  qui est ante sǽcula.
Non enim est illis commutátio,*
  et non timuérunt Deum.
21Exténdit manum suam in sócios;*
  contaminávit fœdus suum.
22Lene super butýrum est os eius,*
  pugna autem cor illíus:
mollíti sunt sermónes eius super óleum,*
  et ipsi sunt gládii destrícti.
23Iacta super Dóminum curam tuam,†
  et ipse te enútriet;*
  non dabit in ætérnum fluctuatiónem iusto.
24Tu vero, Deus, dedúces eos*
  in púteum intéritus.
Viri sánguinum et dolósi non dimidiábunt dies suos;*
  ego autem sperábo in te, Dómine.
Glória Patri et Fílio*
  et Spirítui Sancto.
Sicut erat in princípio et nunc et semper*
  et in sǽcula sæculórum.
Iacta super Dóminum curam tuam et ipse te enútriet.
Psalm 54 (55)
Entrust your cares to the Lord and he will support you.
Let death break in upon them!
  Let them go down alive to the underworld,
  for wickedness shares their home.
As for me, I will call upon God,
  and the Lord will rescue me.
Evening, morning, noon – I shall watch and groan,
  and he will hear my voice.
He will redeem my soul
  and give it peace from those who attack me –
  for very many are my enemies.
God will hear and will bring them low,
  God, the eternal.
They will never reform:
  they do not fear God.
That man – he stretched out his hand against his allies:
  he corrupted his own covenant.
His face was smoother than butter,
  but his heart was at war;
his words were softer than oil,
  but they were sharp as drawn swords.
Throw all your cares on the Lord
  and he will give you sustenance.
  He will not let the just be buffeted for ever.
No – but you, Lord, will lead the wicked
  to the gaping mouth of destruction.
The men of blood and guile
  will not live half their days.
But I, Lord, will put my trust in you.
Glory be to the Father and to the Son
  and to the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning,
  is now, and ever shall be,
  world without end.
Entrust your cares to the Lord and he will support you.

℣. Fili mi, atténde ad sapiéntiam meam.
℟. Et prudéntiæ meæ inclína aurem tuam.
℣. My son, pay attention to my wisdom.
℟. Listen carefully to my words of prudence.

Lectio prior
De libro Ezechiélis prophétæ 16, 3. 5 b-7 a. 8-15. 35. 37 a. 40-43. 59-63
Ierusalem sponsa Dei adultera
3Hæc dicit Dóminus Deus ad Ierúsalem: «Radix tua et generátio tua de terra Chánaan, pater tuus Amorrǽus et mater tua Hetthǽa. 5Proiécta es super fáciem terræ in abiectióne ánimæ tuæ in die, qua nata es.
  6Prætériens autem te vidi te palpitáre in sánguine tuo et dixi tibi, cum esses in sánguine tuo: Vive. Dixi, inquam, tibi: In sánguine tuo vive. 7Crescéntem quasi germen agri dedi te, et crevísti et grandis effécta es et pervenísti ad mundum mulíebrem. 8Et transívi per te et vidi te; et ecce tempus tuum, tempus amántium. Et expándi amíctum meum super te et opérui ignomíniam tuam; et iurávi tibi et ingréssus sum pactum tecum, ait Dóminus Deus, et facta es mea. 9Et lavi te aqua et emundávi sánguinem tuum ex te et unxi te óleo; 10et vestívi te discolóribus et calceávi te cálceis córii delphíni et cinxi te bysso et índui te sérico. 11Et ornávi te ornaménto et dedi armíllas in mánibus tuis et torquem circa collum tuum; 12et dedi ináurem super os tuum et círculos áuribus tuis et corónam decóris in cápite tuo. 13Et ornáta es auro et argénto et vestíta es bysso et sérico et multicolóribus. Símilam et mel et óleum comedísti et decóra facta es veheménter nimis et apta ad regnum. 14Et egréssum est nomen tuum in gentes propter spéciem tuam, quia perfécta eras in decóre meo, quem posúeram super te, dicit Dóminus Deus.
  15Et habens fidúciam in pulchritúdine tua fornicáta es in nómine tuo et exposuísti fornicatiónem tuam omni transeúnti, quisquis fúerit.
  35Proptérea, méretrix, audi verbum Dómini: 37ecce ego congregábo omnes amatóres tuos. 40Et convocábunt contra te congregatiónem et lapidábunt te lapídibus et trucidábunt te gládiis suis. 41Et combúrent domos tuas igni et fácient in te iudícia in óculis mulíerum plurimárum; et fáciam ut désinas fornicári, et mercédes ultra non dabis. 42Et satiábo indignatiónem meam in te, et auferétur zelus meus a te; et quiéscam, nec iráscar ámplius. 43Eo quod non fúeris recordáta diérum adulescéntiæ tuæ et provocásti me in ómnibus his, proptérea et ego vias tuas in cápite tuo dabo, ait Dóminus Deus, et non feci iuxta scélera tua in ómnibus abominatiónibus tuis.
  59Quia hæc dicit Dóminus Deus: Et fáciam tibi, sicut fecísti, qui despexísti iuraméntum, ut írritum fáceres pactum.
  60Et recordábor ego pacti mei tecum in diébus adulescéntiæ tuæ et suscitábo tibi pactum sempitérnum. 61Et recordáberis viárum tuárum et confúnderis, cum recéperis soróres tuas te maióres cum minóribus tuis, et dabo eas tibi in fílias, sed non ex pacto tuo. 62Et suscitábo ego pactum meum tecum, et scies quia ego Dóminus, 63ut recordéris et confundáris, et non sit tibi ultra aperíre os præ confusióne tua, cum placátus fúero tibi in ómnibus, quæ fecísti», ait Dóminus Deus.
First Reading
Ezekiel 16:3,5,6-7,8-15,35,37,40-43,59-63 ©
Jerusalem, God’s adulterous spouse
The Lord says this:
  By origin and birth you belong to the land of Canaan. Your father was an Amorite and your mother a Hittite. You were exposed in the open fields; you were as unloved as that on the day you were born. I saw you struggling in your blood as I was passing, and I said to you as you lay in your blood: Live, and grow like the grass of the fields.
  You developed, you grew, you reached marriageable age. Then I saw you as I was passing. Your time had come, the time for love. I spread part of my cloak over you and covered your nakedness; I bound myself by oath, I made a covenant with you – it is the Lord who speaks – and you became mine. I bathed you in water, I washed the blood off you, I anointed you with oil. I gave you embroidered dresses, fine leather shoes, a linen headband and a cloak of silk. I loaded you with jewels, gave you bracelets for your wrists and a necklace for your throat. I gave you nose-ring and earrings; I put a beautiful diadem on your head. You were loaded with gold and silver, and dressed in fine linen and embroidered silks. Your food was the finest flour, honey and oil. You grew more and more beautiful; and you rose to be queen. The fame of your beauty spread through the nations, since it was perfect, because I had clothed you with my own splendour – it is the Lord who speaks.
  You have become infatuated with your own beauty; you have used your fame to make yourself a prostitute; you have offered your services to all comers. Well then, whore, hear the word of the Lord. For all this, I am going to band together all the lovers who have pleasured you, both those you liked and those you disliked. They will then whip up the crowd against you; you will be stoned and run through with a sword; they will set your houses on fire and execute justice on you with crowds of women looking on; I will put an end to your whoring: no more paid lovers for you. I will exhaust my fury against you. My jealousy will then leave you; I shall be appeased and my anger will stop. Since you have never remembered your youth, since in all this you have done nothing but provoke me, I in my turn intend to bring your conduct down on your own head – it is the Lord who speaks. Have you not been disgusting with all your filthy practices?
  For the Lord says this: I will treat you as you deserve, you who have despised your oath even to the extent of breaking a covenant, but I will remember the covenant that I made with you when you were a girl, and I will conclude a covenant with you that shall last for ever. And you for your part will remember your past behaviour and be covered with shame when I take your elder and younger sisters and make them your daughters, although this was not included in this covenant. I am going to renew my covenant with you; and you will learn that I am the Lord, and so remember and be covered with shame, and in your confusion be reduced to silence, when I have pardoned you for all that you have done – it is the Lord who speaks.
Cf. Is 54, 6. 8; Ez 16, 60
℟. Ut mulíerem derelíctam vocávi te, in moménto indignatiónis abscóndi fáciem meam;* In misericórdia sempitérna misértus sum tui, dixit Redémptor tuus Dóminus.
℣. Recordábor pacti mei tecum in diébus adulescéntiæ tuæ et suscitábo tibi pactum sempitérnum.* In misericórdia.
Is 54:6-8; Ezk 16:60
℟. I called you like a wife forsaken. In overflowing wrath for a moment I hid my face from you;* now, with everlasting love, I will have compassion on you, says the Lord, your Redeemer.
℣. I will remember my covenant with you in the days of your youth, and I will establish with you an everlasting covenant:* now, with everlasting love, I will have compassion on you, says the Lord, your Redeemer.

Lectio altera
Ex última Exhortatióne sancti Andréæ Kim Tae-goˇn, presbýteri et mártyris (Pro Corea. Documenta., ed. Mission Catholique Séoul, Séoul-Paris 1938, Vol. I, 74-75)
Fides amore et perseverantia coronatur
Fratres et amíci dilectíssimi, cogitáte et recogitáte: Deus ab inítio témporum cælum et terram et ómnia dispósuit; meditámini dénique quare et quo consílio nominátim hóminem ad imáginem ac similitúdinem suam creáverit.
  Si ergo in hoc mundo periculórum miseriǽque reférto Dóminum creatórem non agnoscerémus, nihil prodésset nos natos esse nihílque in vita permanére. Quamquam Dei grátia in hunc mundum vénimus paritérque Dei grátia baptísmum recépimus et in Ecclésiam ingréssi sumus itémque Dómini discípuli effécti nomen pretiósum férimus, ad quid tamen próderit tantum nomen absque vera re? Secus vanum esset nos in mundum venísse et in Ecclésiam ingréssos esse; quinímmo, Dóminum eiúsque grátiam pródere hoc esset. Mélius fuísset non nasci quam Dómini grátiam recípere et contra eum peccáre.
  Agrícolam consideráte qui seméntem facit in agro: témpore opportúno terram arat, deínde eam stércorat et nil consíderans labórem sub sole, pretiósum semen colit. Cum tempus meténdi advénerit, si spicæ túrgidæ exstant, cor eius labórem sudorémque oblivíscens lætátur et saltat felicitáte refértum. Si vero spicæ evádunt vácuæ ac nihil áliud adstat quam pálea et gluma, agrícola duri labóris sudorísque méminit et agrum illum eo magis negléctum déseret quo magis colúerat.
  Simíliter Dóminus terram facit agrum suum, nos hómines orýzam, grátiam fimum, atque per Incarnatiónem et Redemptiónem nos írrigat sánguine suo, ut créscere et ad maturitátem perveníre valeámus. Cum die iudícii tempus colligéndi vénerit, qui grátia erit matúrus, regno cælórum gaudébit tamquam fílius adoptívus Dei; qui vero matúrus non fúerit, inimícus fiet, etsi et ipse fílius adoptívus Dei iam fúerat, atque iuxta méritum in ætérnum puniétur.
  Fratres caríssimi, scitóte: Dóminus noster Iesus in mundum descéndens innúmeros dolóres ipse pértulit ac suápte Passióne sanctam Ecclésiam cóndidit eámque passióne fidélium auget. Quantúmvis vero mundi potestátes eam premant et oppúgnent, numquam tamen prævalére póterunt. Post Ascensiónem Iesu ab Apostolórum tempóribus usque ad hodiérnos dies Ecclésia sancta ubíque in médiis tribulatiónibus crevit.
  Nunc autem, adhuc per quinquagínta vel sexagínta annos, ex quo sancta Ecclésia in nostram Coréam ingréssa est, fidéles iterúmque persecutiónes sustulérunt, etiámque hódie persecútio furit, ut numerósi amíci in eádem fide, inter quos et ego, in cárcerem sint coniécti, quemádmodum vos étiam in média tribulatióne permanétis. Cum ergo unum corpus ita efficiámus, quómodo córdibus íntimis non tristémur? Quómodo iuxta humánum sensum dolórem separatiónis non experiámur?
  Attamen, ut dicit Scriptúra, Deus curam habet de mínimo capíllo cápitis, et quidem sua omnisciéntia curat; quómodo ergo tanta persecútio consideránda erit áliter ac Dómini iussum aut eius prǽmium aut demum eius pœna?
  Sectámini ergo voluntátem Dei ac toto corde pro duce cælésti Iesu certáte et huius mundi dæmónium iam a Christo devíctum devíncite.
  Obsecro vos: ne amórem fratérnum neglexéritis, sed ínvicem adiuváte atque, úsquedum Dóminus misereátur nostri et tribulatiónem amóveat, perseveráte.
  Vigínti hic sumus et grátia Dei omnes adhuc bene se habent. Si quis occísus erit, óbsecro vos ne famíliam eius neglegátis. Multa étiam dicénda hábeo, at quómodo penicíllo et charta exprímere possum? Epístulæ finem fácio. Cum iam próximi simus ad certámen, vos déprecor ut fidéliter deambulétis, ita ut tandem in cælum ingréssi illic ínvicem gratulémur. Osculum amóris mei relínquo vobis.
Second Reading
From the final exhortation of Saint Andrew Kim Taegŏn, priest and martyr
Faith is crowned by love and perseverance
My brethren and dear friends, think about this and reflect on it: from the beginning of time God has ordered the heavens, the earth, and all things. Consider the creation of man in this light and reflect on why he has created man, each man, in his image and likeness: why, and with what purpose.
  If, then, placed as we are in this world full of danger and misery, we do not know the Lord our creator, what is the point in having been born? Our life is pointless. Thanks to God, we have come into this world. Also thanks to God, we have received baptism, we have entered the Church, and we have received the glorious name of disciples of the Lord. But what use would that name be if it did not correspond to reality? If it does not, then it is in vain that we have come into the world and entered into the Church. Moreover, such a state of affairs would not serve the Lord and his grace. It would be better for us never to have been born than to receive the grace of the Lord and then sin against him.
  Look at the farmer sowing his field. He ploughs the earth at the appropriate time, then he manures it, and he cultivates the growing seed without caring how hard his work is under a hot sun. When harvest time arrives, if the ears are fat then he forgets his labour and his sweat because his heart is full of joy and he delights in the harvest. But if the grains are shrivelled and there is nothing but straw and empty husks, then the farmer remembers his sweat and heavy labour: the more he has worked the field, the more he turns his back on it.
  It is the same with the Lord. The Earth is his field; we men are his seed; his manure is grace. By the Incarnation and the Redemption he waters us with his blood so that we can grow and ripen. When the time for harvest comes at the Day of Judgement, if by his grace we are found to be ripe, we shall know the joy of the kingdom as the adoptive children of God. But if we are found to be unripe, we shall have become enemies of God instead of the adoptive sons we were, and we shall receive the eternal punishment we deserve.
  My very dear brethren, know this: our Lord Jesus, coming down here, himself suffered pains beyond counting: by his Passion he founded the Church and by the passion of his faithful he makes it grow. The powers of this world may well oppress it and attack it, but they will never have victory over it. After the Ascension of Jesus, from the time of the Apostles until now, the holy Church has grown everywhere in the middle of persecution.
  It is fifty or sixty years now since the holy Church entered our land of Korea. The faithful have endured persecution over and over again. Today it is beginning once more: many of our friends in faith, and I myself, are in prison. You too are under threat. Since we form one body, how can we not have sad hearts? How can we not, as human beings, feel the pain of separation?
  All the same, as Scripture tells us, God takes care of the least of the hairs of our head and nothing escapes his infinite knowledge. How then can we see this persecution except as something ordered by the Lord either as a prize or as a punishment? Follow therefore the will of God, fight with all your heart for our divine leader Jesus, and you will vanquish the demon of this world, who has already been vanquished by Christ.
  I implore you: do not forget fraternal love but help one another and persevere until the Lord takes pity on us and ends this persecution.
  There are twenty of us here and, thank God, all is well with us so far. If one of us is put to death I beg you not to forget his family.
  There are many other things I could say to you, but how to say them all in a letter? So I will end here. As for us, in a short time we will go into combat. I beg you to keep yourselves faithful so that we can all be reunited in the joys of heaven. With all my heart, I embrace you.
Cf. 2 Cor 6, 9-10
℟. Hi sunt mártyres, qui testes Christi fuérunt, et minas non timuérunt, laudántes Dóminum.* Sanguis mártyrum fit semen christianórum.
℣. Qui hábiti sunt sicut ignóti et tamen cógniti; quasi moriéntes, et ecce vivéntes; tamquam nihil habéntes, et ómnia possidéntes.* Sanguis mártyrum.
℟. God looks on, his angels look on, Christ, too, looks on as we struggle and strive in the contest of faith.* What great dignity and glory are ours, what happiness to join battle in the presence of God, and to be crowned by Christ, the Judge!
℣. Let us be armed with a great determination and be prepared to face the combat, pure in heart, sound in faith, and full of courage.* What great dignity and glory are ours, what happiness to join battle in the presence of God, and to be crowned by Christ, the Judge!

  Deus, ómnium géntium creátor et salus, qui in Coreána regióne ad cathólicam fidem pópulum adoptiónis mirabíliter vocásti atque sanctórum mártyrum Andréæ, Páuli ac sociórum gloriósa confessióne créscere fecísti, eórum exémplo et intercessióne concéde, ut nos quoque in mandátis tuis usque ad mortem perseveráre valeámus.
Per Dóminum nostrum Iesum Christum, Fílium tuum,
qui tecum vivit et regnat in unitáte Spíritus Sancti, Deus,
per ómnia sǽcula sæculórum.
Let us pray.
O God, you have created all nations and you are their salvation.
  In the land of Korea your call to Catholic faith formed a people of adoption,
  whose growth you nurtured by the blood of Andrew, Paul and their companions.
Through their martyrdom and their intercession
  grant us strength
  that we too may remain faithful to your commandments even until death.
We make our prayer through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
  who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
  one God, for ever and ever.

Benedicámus Dómino.
– Deo grátias.
Let us praise the Lord.
– Thanks be to God.

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