Purchasing and licensing: bought from Google Play

You have said that you have bought the Universalis app from Google Play.

If you want Universalis on the Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire cannot run apps bought from anyone other than Amazon. Amazon sell the Kindle Fire cheaply because they want you to buy everything from them.

The best and most flexible way

Since you have already bought the Universalis app from Google Play, you have already paid half the price of a Universalis registration code. If you now buy a registration code from us by paying the second half of the price, you will have full flexibility for the future because the code will work on Amazon devices, Apple devices, Mac, Windows, and e-books.

  1. Buy a Universalis registration code at half price – £9.99 (about $12.60 or €11.50) – using the Universalis app on your old Android device. The instructions are here.
  2. On your Kindle Fire, get Catholic Calendar from Amazon (it's free) and put your registration code into it. Instructions are here.

Note that to do this, you do still have to have an Android device with the Universalis app that you bought from Google Play.

The quickest way

Just buy the Universalis app from Amazon. The instructions are here.

You don’t lose any money doing it like this. But the app you get will work on Amazon devices only, so you do lose a little flexibility for the future.