Sunday 20 January 2019
Second Sunday after Epiphany 
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Operating instructions



The calendar view shows you an extract from the liturgical calendar:


The page view shows you one particular page for your chosen day:



Button pictureThe button at the top left opens the menu.

Button picture The left and right buttons move you back and forward by one day. The numbered button in the middle switches you between the calendar view and the page view.

Button pictureThe button at the top right lets you move from one page to another.

The calendar view

To go to a particular day, tap on the day.

To return to the page view without changing days, tap the number between the arrows.

To go to any date using the standard Palm date selector, tap on the heading that shows the name of the month.

The page view

To move backwards and forwards through the days, use the left and right arrows at the top of the screen.

To go to the calendar view, tap the number between the arrows.

To change which page you are viewing (Mass, Morning Prayer, etc), press tap the button at the top right and then pick the page you want from the list that appears.

The menu

To open the menu, tap the "Universalis" button at the top left of the screen.


You can choose the size and boldness of the font that you want Universalis to use.  In addition, you can choose whether Universalis should display italic text using a synthesized italic font, or whether you prefer it to be displayed in bold. The synthesized font isn't very readable on old-style displays like the one in the picture, but modern higher-density displays manage it quite well.


This page lets you choose which local calendar you want Universalis to use. You can also set the following options:

Invitatory Psalm: You can decide whether you want the same Invitatory Psalm every day, or whether you want the psalm to change every day, going through the four permitted options, as the Universalis web site does.

Translations: For the Liturgy of the Hours, you can choose whether to use the Grail translation of the psalms or the translation that is used on the Universalis web site. (The scripture readings are always in the Jerusalem Bible version).

Translations: For the readings at Mass, you can choose whether to use the Jerusalem Bible and the Grail psalms (which are used in the UK and many other parts of the world) or the New American Bible scripture readings and psalms. The New American Bible option is only available if you select one of the United States liturgical calendars.

About Universalis

This page tells you what version of the program and database you are using.