Tuesday 18 June 2019    (other days)
Dedication of the Cathedral Church of St Chad 

Office of Readings

If this is the first Hour that you are reciting today, you should precede it with the Invitatory Psalm.

O God, come to our aid.
  O Lord, make haste to help us.
Glory be to the Father and to the Son
  and to the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning,
  is now, and ever shall be,
  world without end.
Amen. Alleluia.

Worship, glory, praise and honour
To our God, high-throned above:
We, with many generations
Join to praise thy name of love.
In the scriptures, by the Spirit,
May we see the Saviour’s face,
Hear his word and heed his calling,
Know his will and grow in grace.

Psalm 23 (24)
The Lord comes to his temple
O gates, lift high your heads; grow higher, ancient doors.
The Lord’s is the earth and its fullness,
  the world and all who live in it.
He himself founded it upon the seas
  and set it firm over the waters.
Who will climb the mountain of the Lord?
  Who will stand in his holy place?
The one who is innocent of wrongdoing and pure of heart,
  who has not given himself to vanities or sworn falsely.
He will receive the blessing of the Lord
  and be justified by God his saviour.
This is the way of those who seek him,
  seek the face of the God of Jacob.
Gates, raise your heads. Stand up, eternal doors,
  and let the king of glory enter.
Who is the king of glory?
The Lord of might and power.
  The Lord, strong in battle.
Gates, raise your heads. Stand up, eternal doors,
  and let the king of glory enter.
Who is the king of glory?
The Lord of hosts
 – he is the king of glory.
Glory be to the Father and to the Son
  and to the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning,
  is now, and ever shall be,
  world without end.
O gates, lift high your heads; grow higher, ancient doors.

Psalm 83 (84)
Longing for the Lord's temple
How delightful is your dwelling-place, Lord, God of hosts!
How delightful is your dwelling-place, Lord of hosts!
  My soul is weak with longing for the courts of your palace.
  My heart and my body rejoice in the living God.
Even the sparrow finds itself a home,
  the swallow a nest to raise her young –
  in your altars, O Lord,
  Lord of strength, my king and my God.
Blessed are they who dwell in your house:
  they will praise you for ever.
Blessed the man whose help comes from you,
  who has set his heart on climbing to you.
They pass through the valley of thirst
  and make a spring there:
  the morning rain will cover it with blessings.
They will go from strength to strength:
  they will see the God of gods, in Zion.
Lord God of hosts, listen to my prayer;
  hear me, O God of Jacob.
Take notice of us, God our protector,
  and look on the face of your anointed one.
One day in the courts of my God
  is worth more than a thousand elsewhere.
I would rather be at the doorstep of the house of my God
  than live in the dwellings of sinners.
For the Lord my God is my sun and my shield.
  The Lord gives grace and glory.
He will not deny his good things
  to those who walk in purity.
Blessed is he who trusts in you,
  O Lord of hosts.
Glory be to the Father and to the Son
  and to the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning,
  is now, and ever shall be,
  world without end.
How delightful is your dwelling-place, Lord, God of hosts!

Psalm 86 (87)
Jerusalem, mother of all nations
Of you are told glorious things, O city of God.
Its foundations are set on the sacred mountains –
  the Lord loves the gates of Zion
  more than all the tents of Jacob.
Glorious things are said of you, city of God!
I shall count Rahab and Babylon among those who acknowledge me.
  The Philistines, Tyrians, Ethiopians –
  all have their birthplace here.
Of Zion it will be said “Here is the birthplace of all people:
  the Most High himself has set it firm.”
The Lord shall write in the book of the nations:
  “Here is their birthplace.”
They will sing as in joyful processions:
  “All my being springs from you.”
Glory be to the Father and to the Son
  and to the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning,
  is now, and ever shall be,
  world without end.
Of you are told glorious things, O city of God.

℣. I bow down before your holy temple.
℟. I will praise your name, O Lord.

First Reading1 Peter 2:1-17 ©
Be sure, then, you are never spiteful, or deceitful, or hypocritical, or envious and critical of each other. You are new born, and, like babies, you should be hungry for nothing but milk – the spiritual honesty which will help you to grow up to salvation – now that you have tasted the goodness of the Lord.
  He is the living stone, rejected by men but chosen by God and precious to him; set yourselves close to him so that you too, the holy priesthood that offers the spiritual sacrifices which Jesus Christ has made acceptable to God, may be living stones making a spiritual house. As scripture says: See how I lay in Zion a precious cornerstone that I have chosen and the man who rests his trust on it will not be disappointed. That means that for you who are believers, it is precious; but for unbelievers, the stone rejected by the builders has proved to be the keystone, a stone to stumble over, a rock to bring men down. They stumble over it because they do not believe in the word; it was the fate in store for them.
  But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a consecrated nation, a people set apart to sing the praises of God who called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light. Once you were not a people at all and now you are the People of God; once you were outside the mercy and now you have been given mercy.
  I urge you, my dear people, while you are visitors and pilgrims to keep yourselves free from the selfish passions that attack the soul. Always behave honourably among pagans so that they can see your good works for themselves and, when the day of reckoning comes, give thanks to God for the things which now make them denounce you as criminals.
  For the sake of the Lord, accept the authority of every social institution: the emperor, as the supreme authority, and the governors as commissioned by him to punish criminals and praise good citizenship. God wants you to be good citizens, so as to silence what fools are saying in their ignorance. You are slaves of no one except God, so behave like free men, and never use your freedom as an excuse for wickedness. Have respect for everyone and love for our community; fear God and honour the emperor.
℟. All your walls are precious stones, O Jerusalem,* and your towers shall be built of jewels.
℣. Your gates, O Jerusalem, shall be built of sapphire and emerald, and your surrounding wall of precious stone,* and your towers shall be built of jewels.

Second Reading
From a sermon by Saint Augustine
It is in us that God's church is really built and dedicated
What we are all gathered here to celebrate is the dedication of a house of prayer. While this is the house of our prayers, we ourselves are the house of God. And if we ourselves are God’s house, we are being built up in this age, in order to be dedicated at the end of the age. The construction of this building involves hard labour, but its dedication means exultant rejoicing.
  What was going on on this site while the walls were rising is going on here and now when believers in Christ are being gathered together. You see, it is through the exercise of belief that – shall we say – beams and stones are being hewn out of the forests and the mountains; but when they are catechized, baptized, formed, it is as though they are being chipped and chiselled, straightened out and planed by the hands of carpenters and masons.
  However, they still do not make a house for the Lord until they are morticed and cemented together by charity. If these beams and stones here did not fit into one another according to a definite order, if they did not peacefully link themselves together, if they did not somehow love one another by fitting into one another, no-one would come in. In a word, if you see the stones in a building fitting properly into one another, you go in without worry, without being afraid that they will collapse on you.
  So as the Lord Christ wished to come in and dwell in us, he said, by way of constructing us, I give you a new commandment, that you should love one another. I give you, he said, a commandment. You were old, you see, you were still lying among your own ruins, you were far from making a house. So in order to be rescued from the ruins of your old selves, love one another.
  Let your own charity then consider that this house is still being built, as was foretold and promised, throughout the whole wide world. When the house was being built after the Exile, as another psalm says, Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth. What the psalmist said, a new song, the Lord has also said here: a new commandment. What, after all, does a new song have, except a new love? Singing is a thing that lovers do. The fervour of this singer shows the fervour of a holy love.
  So, then: what we see being done physically, in the walls around us, let it be done also spiritually, in our own minds; and as we here see it made perfect with stone and wood, let it be made perfect in your bodies; for it is the grace of God that is building it.
  First, then, let us give thanks to the Lord our God, who has given us all that is good, and has made perfect every one of his gifts; and let us praise his goodness from the depth of our hearts, for he has inspired the souls of his faithful to construct this house of prayer, given them the desire and lent them his strength. Not only did he inspire those who were not yet willing so that they were willing, he also helped the efforts of this good will to get the building built. So it was that God, who works in his own people both to will and to work for his good pleasure, has himself both begun all this and completed it.
℟. The house of the Lord is set upon the heights of the mountains and towers high over all the hills.* All the nations will come to it and say, Glory to you, O Lord!
℣. They will come, they will come to it, full of song, carrying their sheaves.* All the nations will come to it and say, Glory to you, O Lord!

HymnTe Deum
God, we praise you; Lord, we proclaim you!
You, the Father, the eternal –
all the earth venerates you.
All the angels, all the heavens, every power –
The cherubim, the seraphim –
unceasingly, they cry:
“Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts:
heaven and earth are full of the majesty of your glory!”
The glorious choir of Apostles –
The noble ranks of prophets –
The shining army of martyrs –
all praise you.
Throughout the world your holy Church proclaims you.
– Father of immeasurable majesty,
– True Son, only-begotten, worthy of worship,
– Holy Spirit, our Advocate.
You, Christ:
– You are the king of glory.
– You are the Father’s eternal Son.
– You, to free mankind, did not disdain a Virgin’s womb.
– You defeated the sharp spear of Death, and opened the kingdom of heaven to those who believe in you.
– You sit at God’s right hand, in the glory of the Father.
– You will come, so we believe, as our Judge.
And so we ask of you: give help to your servants, whom you set free at the price of your precious blood.
Number them among your chosen ones in eternal glory.
The final part of the hymn may be omitted:
Bring your people to safety, Lord, and bless those who are your inheritance.
Rule them and lift them high for ever.
Day by day we bless you, Lord: we praise you for ever and for ever.
Of your goodness, Lord, keep us without sin for today.
Have mercy on us, Lord, have mercy on us.
Let your pity, Lord, be upon us, as much as we trust in you.
In you, Lord, I trust: let me never be put to shame.

Let us pray.
Lord God, you have called your people to become your Church.
Grant that all who are gathered in your name
  may fear you and love you and follow you
  and, under your guidance, attain to your promises in heaven.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
  who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
  one God, for ever and ever.

Let us praise the Lord.
– Thanks be to God.

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